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Perfection Truss can implement virtually any roof or ceiling feature that today's building designers can come up with.   Here, tail bearing trusses are used to combine two popular features:  coffered ceiling and hip roof.  Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Key Benefits

  • Greater clear spans than any other framing system.
  • Precision-engineered wood trusses eliminate guesswork.
  • Trusses can be erected much faster than conventional framing.  This reduces labor costs AND the time the structure is exposed to weather.
  • Components are delivered to your jobsite when you need them.  They are labeled, stacked, and bundled, ready for installation.

Key Steps in the manufacture of Perfection Trusses:

3-D Designs  Three- Dimensional Design

wpeB.gif (25491 bytes)Engineering & Analysis

Saw Setup   Cutting of Components

Truss Assembly   Final Assembly

The finished product . . .

ShapesCommon Truss Shapes Fly-byHip System Animated "Fly-By"
(4 mb download)