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Timberstrand®, Parallam®, & LVL® beams and headers

Manufacturer:  Truss Joist MacMillan

wpe2.gif (43522 bytes)Perfection Truss stocks a variety of sizes of these engineered wood products to supplement our truss packages or for separate sales.   As a service to our customers, we can also analyze specific applications and recommend beam sizes and spans.

Advantages of Product:

Less wood is required to manufacture these composite wood products than would be needed if conventional lumber was utilized. Products are made from waste and farmed trees, and are treated for termite protection. Processed into uniform strands, aligned and bonded under pressure, Parallam structural members provide strength, span, and flexibility for custom application.


Simpson Strong-Tie® Truss hangers & tie-downs

We typically specify and supply truss-to-truss and truss-to plate connectors as required by our truss designs.  We use only Simpson Strong-Tie® hangers and tie-downs.  We can also special-order for our customers any of Simpson's huge array of products.

Simpson Strong-Tie